China’s Own Emissions Scheme(s) & Carbon Tax Retreat

Bloomberg reports that China will create seven carbon-trading programs. The first — in Shenzhen — is underway, with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Tianjin Chongqing and Hubei to follow.

The exchange will adjust available credits in response to prices, throttling supply when demand is low and increasing it when demand rises.

By 2015, 800 million to 1 billion tons will be under regulation, an amount second only to the European Emissions Trading Scheme.

Click Here for the Bloomberg June 17, 2013 report

China has also backed away from even the 80¢/ton carbon tax that was slated for 2013 citing concerns about “obvious opposition.”

Click Here for the Bloomberg May 6, 2013 report


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  1. It is a tough call. So many government iinnrventtoes are at work from around the globe. I often hear people say don’t fight the FED. One question keeps popping up in my head is Can the sum of all government iinnrventtoes be greater than the force of nature? Or, in this case we could say the force of the economic universe A known unknown only time will tell.BTW, Canadian NGX is closed below $3 on Friday at the beginning of a northern winter. Would I be able to, safely, assume manufactures are adjusting their outputs according to the demands? Or, is it too early to tell? My 2 ccents.Many thanks for the clip. JW, Vancouver

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