Community Response to Wind Farms

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Understanding community responses to wind farms

A study of local views of five wind farms in the eastern Lake Ontario region

What is this study about?

  • The purpose of this study is to try and understand why wind farms are controversial in the eastern Lake Ontario region (focussing on five existing and potential wind farms in south-eastern Prince Edward County, Amherst Island, Wolfe Island and Loyalist Township) and offer recommendations to communities and policy-makers for navigating wind farm controversy

Who is behind this study?

  • Dr. Stewart Fast from the Department of Geography at Queen’s University is leading the study. Stewart is funded by an endowment to support post-doctoral research in the Department. There is no funding from companies or organizations active in wind energy development or from wind farm opponent groups.

What are you going to do?

  • People that are active in wind energy in the eastern Lake Ontario region will be interviewed and asked to rank a number of statements about wind power
  • People from three groups are asked to participate: (1) wind farm opponents (2) wind farm proponents (3) officials involved in decision-making and planning

Who can I contact for more information?



  1. Dr Maureen Briscoe March 16, 2014

    As a landowner on Wolfe Island I wish to state that the wind turbines have been the ruination of the island.

    The turbines surround our property and in December a farmhouse close to the turbines had been left to deteriorate and had to be demolished because of the turbines.

    We do not want our property value to be decreased in value, but it seems that way!

    I believe that the property owners not being paid by the turbine industry and government are not caring and that to speak out is hopeless.

    I have heard no positive remarks from my associates about the current siteings
    close to humans! They seem pleased not to have to deal with this problem.

    Maureen Briscoe M.D.,FRCP., ARCT

  2. Betty Anne Field September 15, 2014

    Who would want to move to a community so deeply divided as what appears to be the case when you receive letters such as mine or Dr.Briscoe’s? Although direct payments to all the wind farm area residents are not available, we all receive benefit through monies paid to the Township, thereby reducing our taxes and we are all users of electricity.

  3. We moved into an area where we did not know and were not informed by anoyne that a wind farm was planned in the near future.It is beyond comprehension. And people bitch about enhanced interrogation .Come live in my front yard for a while and see what deprivation,constant annoyance and just plain disgust does to you over a period of time.It ain’t pretty and it sure as hell is not the place in the country I hoped it would be!It is all a farce, lies and deceitfulness.Tasteless, lame and weak !

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