Diavik Wind Farm 1-Year Anniversary — 17GWh later

The Diavik diamond mine wind farm began operation in late September, 2012

Diavik Wind Gens - trucks Feb 14 2012







Photo Courtesy of The Diavik Diamond Mine

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Wind farm facts


Approximately five million litre reduction in use of diesel per annum

100 fuel tanker truckload equivalent per annum

12,000 tonnes reduction in CO2 per annum

Six per cent reduction in GHG per annum


Four Enercon E70 generators

Gearless direct-drive design operating to -40°C

Total installed and demonstrated capacity: 9.2MW

17GWh annual production

8 year estimated payback


Tower hub height: 64m

Turbine rotor diameter: 71m

Total turbine height: 100m

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