Energy policy in the 21st century is being rewritten, repurposed and redirected almost weekly. Fundamental changes in the ways we drive the economies of the world are underway. A lifestyle predicated on limitless supplies of energy-dense fossil fuels suddenly poses questions for which there are not yet answers. A growing consensus about the extent of the problem fractures the moment people turn their minds to solutions.

The Institute therefore makes the fundamental assumption that change is inevitable; that ways will be found to make renewable energy sources an ever-increasing part of the mix and that doing the least possible economic harm will remain a limiting imperative.

Current work of the Institute focuses on:

  • Biomass, especially from the forest;
  • Pricing under Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act, and comparisons with the evolving German experience with similar pricing incentives;
  • The role of renewable energy in local distribution grids;
  • The solar resource and the potential for government industry incentives.

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