IBM HyRef: Renewable Energy Grid Efficiency

IBMThe Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting system (HyRef) uses weather modelling, advanced cloud imaging technology and sky-facing cameras that track cloud movements, as well as sensors on wind turbine blades measuring wind speed, temperature and direction. These inputs are combined with advanced analytics and data assimilation to produce extremely accurate and site-specific weather forecasting.

The result is equally accurate power production prediction, which means that wind farms can be that much more efficiently integrated into the power grid where the calculations of constantly changing demand are already a standard operating reality.

Visit SiliconANGLE for a complete report, or Google IBM HyRef.

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    As the renewables industry grows, so do the rewards for solving such secondary problems as the efficiency of integrating intermittent sources with existing grid supply. The IBM product is reportedly already being deployed in China. It directly answers critics of renewables who emphasize the inefficiency of bringing ‘periodic’ generation online in a grid previously accustomed to ‘periodic’ demand.

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