Nik Nanos at the Wilson Center: Energy and Environment Policy Frontier

Nanos Graphic

1) The INCREASE in annual rail traffic carrying petroleum products since 2011 is equal to a train stretching from Winnipeg to Houston — that’s 467,000 additional tanker cars.

2) Supply unpredictability, coupled with technology uncertainty and a shifting policy and regulatory context create a situation in which governments cannot pick energy winners and losers. Instead they should set environmental goals and force the market to adjust.

“The principal concept advanced in this paper is that the government should not pick energy winners and losers but focus on encouraging competition among energy sources within a common environmental standard. Also of note, decentralized sub‐national environmental policy making, gridlock in Congress, and potential uncertainty in terms of the scope of recoverable energy resources should result in greater caution in favouring one energy source over another.” 

Pollster Nik Nanos is currently Public Policy Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and Research Associate Professor at State University of New York, Buffalo.

Read his full report HERE

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  1. I wait for Laslo and Logan’s book too. ^(>o<)^I love this books (ignoring all the time that I had to pass search in goolge to abbreviations ~o~). You're an amazing writer, really, and I think that is possible, in 2111, world will be like a you discribed. Thank you for share your imagination with us !!!! ^^A big hug ♥

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