Quebec hydro power for Ontario?


According to a  recent Toronto Star editorial, Quebec currently sells renewable hydro-generated electricity for about half the projected cost of electricity from rebuilt nuclear capacity at Darlington. Demand in Ontario is dropping. Demand is also dropping in the American markets that have traditionally been Quebec Hydro’s mainstay customers.

Read the Toronto Star piece HERE.



  1. I was driving from Kingston to Ottawa at anorud 10pm friday evening , I was speeding abit . I passed, I think an OPP car which had a camera attached to it and it flashed ? It could of possibly just been his head lights . But Im pretty sure I saw a camera . He did not pull me over . I thought in ontario the only cameras are used for red light violations. Was I mistaken ? Can I recieve a ticket in the mail ?

  2. Bailote April 1, 2015

    Great dialogue. Thought I would add some silmper comments.(i) To my knowledge, “Scientists” have not backed down from the claim that global warming does exist and is happening. That’s why it’s not in the news anymore – because nothing has changed. I’m not a tree hugger – you can read similar dialogue on most of the websites of large power producing companies. They acknowledge it as well, and its part of their sustainability efforts. But they’re also smart enough to know that change doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t agree with this assessment, then tell me why China is now the world’s leader in clean coal technologies?(ii) The U.S. needs a balanced portfolio for the next 50 years. Solar will be a part of it whether you like it or not. So will coal, nuke, NG and the others. I think solar will find its niche (on rich people’s roofs and in remote areas where power lines don’t go easily).(iii) Funny how these guys use the term “technological improvements” to describe the hydraulic fracturing revolution. This technology is in no way new, or improved. What was new (in 2005 anyway) was the legislative loophole which allowed frac’ers to avoid the Clean Water act. I’m not stupid, I receive a benefit from low cost NG, and I’m glad for it. But I don’t pull the blinders over my eyes and pretend that fracturing is magical. If you do, I invite you to come to my aunt’s ranch near Greeley, CO (Niobrara shale). You can drink out of her well, while I drink from the tanks that Encana bought for her and refill once a week so that she can continue to live there.(iv) Gov’t support is not always bad. Look at what NASA has brought to the marketplace (and not just aerospace). But cases like Solyndra or Range Fuels are ridiculous. DOE should help w/ R&D and support scale-up, not fund entire S/U companies staffed with their buddies. Let the private sector pick the winners and losers, obviously Uncle Sam isn’t capable anymore.

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