Two Steps Forward, One Back: Paul Gipe on Recent Developments in Ontario

On May 30th, 2013 Ontario Minister of Energy, Bob Chiarelli announced that his provincial Liberal government was cancelling feed-in tariff’s for large projects, eliminating domestic content requirements that had been subject of a WTO decision, and asserting the role of municipalities in energy development decision-making.

Renewables analyst Paul Gipe weighed in with his assessment…


‘ This is a Disaster, Right?

Yes. The enemies of renewables, and especially those who are threatened by such a seemingly radical policy as feed-in tariffs, will be crowing.

But it’s not the end of the world. As one renewables advocate noted, “we had a good run, and we accomplished a lot.” Moreover, the actual effect on renewable development in Ontario will be modest at best—at least in the short term. There are a lot renewables in the pipeline that will be built in the next few years.

And, Chiarelli’s decision could have been much worse. The Liberals could have simply thrown in the towel and said, “That’s it, that’s all the renewables we want.” To their credit, they didn’t. Instead, they left the door–if not open–at least ajar.’

For the remainder of Paul Gipe’s Analysis Click Here.

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